The Process

What I Do To Create Art With AI

A lot of people are under the misconception that AI is going to put artists out of a job. Creating good art, especially the kind I produce, is not a “one click and you’re done” process. For each piece you see on my website, it takes me sometimes several hours to get the look I want. I predominately use Leonardo.AI, but I also use Firefly.AI, which is Adobe’s stand alone AI program. There are two initial ways I start my creations. One is to enter a very creative word prompt and see where the program takes me. The other is to use an existing image along with a word prompt to create something new. I will create many iterations of images, trying different wording for the prompt or moving a slider that changes the weight of how much the program draws from the image or from the prompt. After I think I have something to work with, I take the ones I think are usable into Photoshop and begin editing them. Usually, I have to take a part from one iteration of the image and incorporate it into another one, or completely redraw hands or feet, until I have one final one that I am happy with. I also use the AI built into Photoshop Beta to replace areas that are just not working. This is very much trial and error as Photoshop is very sensitive to anything it perceives to be even remotely risque. At times, I will delete the background and create my own background, trying different ideas that I think compliment the piece. I also run the image through three or four filters to “clean it up”. This is one of the ways some of my pieces look so life like.

I hope this helps you better understand the process that goes into creating what you see on my website.